New Bins Designed For 10ft x 5ft Sheet

02 August 21

Following several audits undertaken with sheet metal fabricators and laser cutting companies. It came to our attention that the current methods for handling 10ft x 5ft sheets is inconvenient for many businesses as the storage options to handle skeleton sheets is either stacking them on a pallet or folding/cutting them to fit into smaller stillages.

We have recently fabricated our latest form of metal storage containers to benefit companies and allow ease of use when handing their scrap metal recycling. These containers allow for fabricators and manufactures to store complete metal sheets inside the containers easily and safely not leaving sharp corners exposed like conventional methods of storing skeletal sheet waste. 

These bins are suitable for a range of different materials including Stainless Steel, Aluminium, Brass, Copper and Steel Sheets.

The sheet bin dimensions are: (L) 320cm (W) 171cm (H) 60cm 

We are confident that this storage option will become a favourable solution for those who produce sheet metal waste on an ongoing basis.

These “sheet bins” are available at both Gibbs Scrap Evesham and Gibbs Scrap Hoddesdon depots.

If you would like to speak with one of our account managers today or look to secure some containers for your own site feel free to contact us on 01992 441585 or click the link here.