Secure Destruction

20 October 23

In an industry where 3D scanning and reverse engineering are easily achievable from the realms of a desk and a laptop, it’s imperative that you ensure your intellectual property and patented parts are recycled through the correct channels to ensure that they don’t fall into the wrong hands.

Some of the benefits of opting for secure destruction include: 

Protection of Intellectual Property: Protect your intellectual property by securely destroying metal components that may contain proprietary information. This safeguards your organisation’s competitive advantage.

Regulatory Compliance Proof: Our secure metal destruction services will help your organisation meet these requirements and stipulations set out within your service agreements whilst providing you with certificates serving as proof of compliance for your customers and clients.

Customised Solutions: Having Gibbs as your secure destruction provider means that you can have tailored solutions to meet the specific needs of your clients. This can include on-site or off-site destruction, scheduling, and secure handling of various metal components. We take photographic or video evidence of our destruction process. We even allow for visual inspection while we are securely destroying your materials.

Peace of Mind: Knowing that your sensitive materials are professionally handled and destroyed provides peace of mind, reducing concerns about security and liability.

Methods of destruction: Our secure destruction services allow you to choose the method of destruction with the help of our dedicated account managers to ensure that your materials are destroyed to the specifications required.

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