Our latest collection method

01 April 21

We are happy to announce following several successful trials that we can now offer a new method for transporting your scrap metal waste!

Since the beginning of the year we have spent countless hours on research and development to make the impossible possible. Whilst the new collection system is currently limited to our stillage range, we are continuing our development and are confident this will be a viable option and our full range of containers will be made available in the near future.

We are happy to report we will be implementing stillage collections via drone, we predict that by 2022 we will have a fleet of over 100 drones delivering containers from our main site in Hoddesdon.

These types of collections can help to minimise the disruption on site whilst providing our customers with a unique opportunity to try the latest technology in scrap metal handling. Here at Gibbs Scrap – we are extremely happy with the development and would be keen for companies to try this modern day collection service.

If you wish to arrange a collection via our drone service contact us on 01992 441585

We hope you are as excited for this announcement as we are!