New Year New Bins

16 January 24

We’re thrilled to share that we’ve just received our second load of 20-yard roll-on/roll-off containers for the new year.

Advantages of Utilising a 20-Yard RORO Container:

Generous Capacity: Perfect for projects of all sizes, the 20-yard size provides ample space for collecting and transporting substantial volumes of scrap materials.

Efficient Loading and Unloading: Thanks to the roll-on/roll-off mechanism, our containers offer swift loading and unloading, ideal for time-sensitive projects that demand streamlined processes and minimal downtime.

Space Optimisation: The thoughtfully designed 20-yard RORO container ensures optimal use of space, maximising the volume of scrap materials while ensuring safe and secure transportation.

Convenient for Larger Projects: If you’re tackling substantial amounts of scrap metal from construction sites, demolitions, or industrial operations, our 20-yard containers are the efficient choice, reducing the need for frequent pickups.

Environmental Impact: Contributing to sustainable practices, our containers allow you to manage larger volumes of scrap metal efficiently, reducing the overall carbon footprint associated with transportation.

Enhanced Safety: Our RORO containers come equipped with safety features designed to secure the load during transportation, ensuring the safety of our transportation crew and the surrounding environment.

Before selecting a container size, consider your project or business needs. Our dedicated account managers, ready to assist you, can provide valuable insights or conduct a free site audit to enhance your scrap metal management.

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